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25 June 2007 @ 03:04 pm
TV Show #001: Cartoon KAT-TUN  
Cartoon KAT-TUN #001-012

English Hard Subbed File.

Cartoon KAT-TUN
is a talk show in which the hosts are from the Johny's group, Kat-Tun


This is the main segment of the show where the guest fills out a questionnaire with 100 questions before the show. The questions and answers are displayed on a rotating ring in front of KAT-TUN and the guest during the show. When any of the members have an interest in any of the questions, they simply "touch" the ring and it momentarily stops so the guest can elaborate on their answer. At the official website, under 100Q, all of the question and answers that the guest filled out are there.


It's a game of bingo-darts where they use a five squares by five squares dart board. The first team with five darts in a row (in any direction) wins. If the guest wins, they receive a golden dart, but if KAT-TUN looses five times consecutively they receive a punishment game.

Smiley Athlete No.1 Decision Battle

This corner is the punishment game received when KAT-TUN looses five consecutive DAT-TUN5 games. They have to complete a series of athletic games while maintaining their smiles. Whoever stops smiling will be punished by the Tickling God. This is when they are strapped to a board, and multiple hands from behind the board mercilessly tickles them.


Episode 01 - 20070404 ; 100Q - AI (Singer)
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Episode 02 - 20070404 ; 100Q - Mori Izumi (Model) ; DAT-TUN5 -
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Episode 03 - 20070404 ; 100Q - SEAMO (Singer) ; DAT-TUN5 - Tsutsumishita Atsushi (Comedian)
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chikara21  for the sub

Yuki's Comments; I say the guest was very funny for all and KAT-TUNS' members was really nice and funny. Jun ♥ was cute and funny in there but sadly always got get from Koki (i think that's his name x]). But!! it's very lovable ♥
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Lynnalhmboy on June 25th, 2007 11:11 pm (UTC)
& you girls. :)